101 SEO Google Chrome Extensions – The Ultimate List

Google Chrome extensions are practical extensions for your Goolge browser to make surfing in the World Wide Web as pleasant and efficient as possible.

Today I’m going to introduce you 101 Google Chrome Extensions every SEO should know.

Let’s bet.
You’ll surely install at least 3 Chrome extensions after reading this article 😉


  1. All-in-one Google Extensions
  2. Keyword research Extensions
  3. On- Page SEO Extensions
  4. Off- Page SEO Extensions
  5. Ranking Check Extensions
  6. Others
  7. Conclusion

1. All-in-one Extensions

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

With this Google Chrome extension from ahrefs, you get an instant on-page SEO report for every page on the net.

With ahrefs you can not only develop great link building strategies, you rather also have all the key figures with this toolbar, such as:

  • URL Rating
  • Domain Raiting
  • Organic Traffic
  • Traffic Value

For using this Toolbar, an ahrefs account is required to dislay these key functions, if you don’t have one you can do a 7-day trial at ahrefs for
$ 7.00.


With GrowthBar you can directly access important SEO data on every website in order to find suitable channels for your business.

In Keyword research, GrowthBar enables you to determine the performance of a keyword or long tail keyword.

But that’s not all, the degree of difficulty for the keyword to rank is also displayed exactly in the toolbar and, as if that weren’t enough, this toolbar offers you the opportunity to determine the domain authority of the domain.

The word count, Facebook ads and the organic traffic on a website are also determined by GrowthBar.

There is a free version and a paid version.

If you only want to use the free version, you have to know that only the basic SEO metrics are displayed.

Only the paid version offers you, a great insights into everything you need for search engine optimization and that for only $29.00.

This tools also offers you the option of a free 5- day trial , so that you can get a good insight into GrowthBar, whether this all-in-one extension is for you.

Mangools SEO Extension

Mangools SEO extension is also an all-rounder when it comes to search engine optimization.

The cost of this tool are $29.00 a month, but has the following features with which you can determine important key figures like:

  • Backlink check
  • Keyword analysis
  • Profile analysis

If you are new to this business you will probably ask yourself what these metrics are for ?

With these key figures you can create a great competition analysis and can adopt successful strategies that your competitor applies to your business.


One or the other probably knows Moz, but only a few now that MozBar provides a Google Chrome extension.

MozBar is expecially worthwhile for those who already have a paid account.

With this toolbar that appears after you have installed the Chrome Extension, you have full access to backlink metrics, domain and URL authority checks.

And if you don’t have an account with Moz you should definitely get one.

Because this tool is a must-have for every SEO.

Monthly cost: $149.00.

Open SEO Stats

Open SEO Stats is one of my favorite tools, it’s free, and it gives you insight into key SEO metrics.

Access to backlinks indexed pages, between saved pages, social networks, Whois, Geo Ip locations is very fast with this extension.

Check out Open SEO Stats, you may be able to incorporate this tool into your strategy.

Open in SEMrush

With the perception of Open in SEMrush you can choose a new tab with the url and organic keywords as well as PPC Keywords for the right website to view and save.

SEO Minion

SEO Minion is a powerful all in one tool. You can use it on any website.

  • On- page SEO analysis
  • Highlight all links on a webpage
  • Find broken links
  • Check hreflang
  • Track the traffic of any website

It’s definitely worth looking at this extension for Google.

SEO Site Tools

SEO Site Tools is a great all-in-one extension.

This tool shows you data such as:

  • Indexed Pages
  • Backlinks
  • Page cache
  • Alexa Rank
  • Server IP geolocation
  • Domain whois search
  • Traffic
  • DNS
  • Robots.txt / sitemap
  • Keyword density
  • Meta-tag analysis
  • Http headers
  • Forwarding check
  • Number of words in a Text

and much more.

Taking a look at this Google Chrome extension definitely can’t hurt.

In addition, depending on the setting, key figures can be hidden or added, so you are very flexible with this tool.

SEO Quake

This Google Chrome Extension can be used for on- or off- page optimization.

With SEO Quake you can have a complete SEO audit of a specific website displayed in the toolbar.

This includes:

  • Search engine rankings
  • Social proof
  • Inbound links
  • Outbound links
  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Page information
  • Domain age

The main features of this extensions are free.


The most important factor in the World Wide Web is “popularity”.

In order to achieve this, you’ll have noticed that good blog posts are not everything, but a well-structured backlink profile must be available.

Because more popularity for a website means more traffic, and more traffic means more sales.

This values can be determined with the SimilarWeb Chrome Extension:

  • Bounce rate
  • Page Per visit
  • Monthly visit
  • Average visit duration
  • Top 5 countries
  • Traffic Source

On this point, i would like to briefly say a few words about the Traffic Source:

At SimilarWeb, the traffic source means the percentage composition of the traffic, as you can see on the graphic on the right.

The great thing about this extension from SimilarWeb is that you get these key figures completely free of charge!


With Serpstat you can analyze your search engine optimization on your own website as well as the websites of your competition.

Serpstat is divided into three areas:

  1. On- page SEO
  2. Page analysis
  3. Domain analysis

To be able to access all key figures, you need a profile on Serpstat.

Table of costs for Serpstat:

Package Cost
Lite 69$
Standard 149$
Advanced 299$
Enterprise 499$


Have you never wondered why your competition ranks so high in the search engines?

SerpWorx makes it easy to spy on your competition and find out why they are so high in the search results.

This Google Chrome extension shows you important metrics like the:

  • Trust Flow
  • Citation Flow
  • Domain Authority

and much more.

In addition, the great thing about this extension is that if you already have an ahrefs or majestic account, you can link the account to SerpWorx.

Even if many Google Chrome extensions provide free of charge, this is not the case with SerpWorx.

The cost is $29,95 per month.

But if you are not yet sure whether this tool is right for you, SerpWorx offers a free test trial.

The Tech SEO

The Tech SEO is multi-layered, powerful and, above all, free of charge.

You can analyzed and display 8 categories on a website.

  1. Technical component of a website.
  2. The performance of a website
  3. Determine domain information
  4. Backlink profile
  5. Content analysis of the domain
  6. Social media check
  7. Metrics
  8. General website review


If you know Neil Patel then you should definitely try his Google Chrome Extension.

With Ubersuggest you can find out search volume, CPC and key metrics on Google, Youtube and Amazon, but that’s not all.

  • Keyword Ideas
  • Content Ideas
  • Google – keywords
  • Youtube keywords
  • Overview according to age groups
  • Percentage of SEO clicks for the search term
  • Comprehensive charts
  • Shares on Pinterest
  • Top pages
  • Website analysis and review
  • Domain Score
  • Number of backlinks on a website

As soon as you have installed Ubersuggest as a Google Chrome extension, you geht instant access to all of these metrics.

Ubersuggest is currently available in nine languages:

  • English
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • German
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Dutch

The Google Chrome extension is free, but unfortunately has a daily limit.

You can of course upgrade to remove the daily limit.

Neil Patel even offers a 7-day trial before your upgrade, so that you can get a great picture of this Google Chrome Extension.

2. Keyword research Extensions 

Keywords EveryWhere

With Keywords EveryWhere you can enter your search term in Google and you will get a complete list on the right with similar keywords, as well as keywords that users have searched for that match the topic.

The keyword lists can also be easily exported to your computer as CSV files with Keyword EveryWhere.

Keyword Surfer 

Keyword Surfer is in my opinion, one of the best free Keyword research tools out there.

I also use this Google Chrome Extension regularly.

This tool enables you to determine the search volume of any keyword or long tail keyword in different countries.

In addition, to the Google Keyword Planner, it shows you further keyword ideas.

You can then use Keyword Surfer to upload all of the keywords you find to your computer as a CSV file.


KGen is similar to most keyword research tools.

This extension is provided free of charge.

It shows you how often a certain keyword is displayed on a page, as well as the keyword density in a text.

So you can spy on your competitor’s keyword strategy to create your own and better content.

SEOStack Keyword Tool

This Google extension es really awesome, it makes your search for long- tail keywords a lot easier.

Unlike other tools that only focus on Google, this extension can get keyword suggestions from multiple search engines.

This is a list of the search engines that are included:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Duckduckgo
  • Pinterest

Potential keywords can also be exported as a CSV file with this extension.

3. On- Page Optimierung Extensions

AMP Validator

Your Website speed and responsibility are important ranking factors for Google.

AMP was developed by Google and Twitter.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, this is an HTML version which ensures that websites can be loaded very quickly on mobile devices.

The AMP Validator checks each current page for an AMP validation to determine whether it is an AMP page.

Analyze Page Performance

This Google Chrome extension is particularly suitable for developers who focus on website creation.

It measures important performance- related details on the corresponding website, such as the loading time.

Analyze Page Performance is based on HTML 5 and native JS.


In order to be able to fully use the “BuzzSumo” extension, you need an activated account.

BuzzSumo also offers a 30- day trial version this regard.

You get all the key figures for social shares for the respective page.

Associated social channels are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit

but this is not all.

With BuzzSumo you can even find out the number of backlinks for a specific URL.

Clear Cache 

Clear Cache allows you to search the entire cache or to clear it.

You can do this without annoying confirmation dialogs, popups or other annoying noises.

You can also customize how, which and how much of your data you want to delete on the options page.

Google Analytics URL Builder 

You can do the following with Google Analytics URL Builder:

  • Read current web address automatically
  • Unlimited tag presents for quick tagging
  • Force lowercase letters (toggle on/off)
  • Bit.ly (URL Shortener)
  • Copy the URL to the clipboard
  • Copy UTM’s
  • The import and export of presets for backup or sharing

Google Page Analytics

Page Analytics was designed by Google itself.

The Google Page Analytics extension can basically be the same as “Analyze Page Performance”.

While it’s “a little out of date” and was last updated on March 8, 2019, it still basically does what it’s supposed to do.

It shows you key figures such as:

  • Pageviews
  • Time spent on your website
  • Bounce rate
  • Number of visitors in real time
  • In-page- click analysis

Inspect Canonical

With Inspect Canonical you can check the canonical tag of a page.

This special Google Chrome extension shows you the canonical source of every single URL you are on and takes over all the laborious work.

So you never have to search the source code of a website again to find canonical sources.


Lighthouse was also developed by Google.

With Lighthouse you can check the performance, quality and accuracy of your website.

This extension examines four main categories:

  • The performance of your website
  • The accessibility of your website
  • Best practices
  • SEO

In addition, if the performance is poor, you will receive suggestions for improvement that you can apply to your website.


SEOInfo is a damn powerful SEO tool that shows SEO problems on websites.

It gives you access to full AMP statuses as well as HTML pages and automatically notifies you of SEO errors on your website.

Error notifications include, for example:

  • Invalid canonical URL’s
  • invalid hrefslang
  • A faulty AMP version

and so on.

The great thing about it is that key figures are not simply jettisoned but are graphically summarized and displayed to you.

You can display the Google Chrome extension in four languages, in English, Spanish, French and partly in Russian.

But before I forward you to SEOInfo I would like to show you a few features that make SEOInfo special.

  1. Web Vitals shows you warnings with symbols when there is no connection
  2. Performs a full validation
  3. Fully reports any errors from robots.txt to you
  4. Diversion loop
  5. Assets: Charge status (Ok, 404,403, etc.)
  6. On- demand reviews and so on 😉

SEO Meta in 1 Click 

SEO Meta 1 Click gives you information about six things:

  1. Summary
  2. Headlines
  3. Images
  4. Left
  5. Social
  6. Externaltools

1. The “Summary” contains data on the title tag, meta description, keywords, URL, author and language of the website.

2.The “Headers” category transmits all data about the existing headings of a website to you.

3.The category “Images” gives you information about the number of images on a website and their alt text and image description.

4. The “Links” category contains all data on the number of backlinks, inbound & outbound links and even links without a title tag.

5. The “Social” category contains all data on the social media presence of the website.

6. The “Tools” area contains further SEO tools in which SEO Meta offers recommendations for the website.


There is a lot to talk about TextOptimizer, but before I get into this extension I want to ask you something.

Are you an SEO, blogger or just want to improve and optimize your texts ?

Then you have to immediately add the TextOptimzer plug-in in Google Chrome, which is now your new writing assistant.

This optimizer simplifies search engine optimized writing, it not only gives you more keyword ideas but also evaluates your text through semantic analysis and gives you suggestions for improvement for better content.

With TextOptimizer you can create great, precise, high- quality and targeted content for your readers and the most important thing about the whole thing, your content increases in the search engine results, which at the same time means higher traffic to your website.

I haven’t even told you the best part.

Text analysis is free with this extension.

To the features:

  • Text optimization
  • Keyword ideas
  • Download Excel files
  • Chrome plugin for text optimization

This tool costs $60 a month to use.

Here, too, there is a free trial version of 7 days.

Meta SEO Inspector

With this Chrome Extension you can check metadata of certain websites that are normally not visible during normal surfing.

You can also print or save reports as PDF files with Meta SEO Inspector.

This Chrome extension is specially designed for web developers.

NoFollow Simple

Shows you the nofollow links and noindex meta tags of a website.

With “NoFollow” you can also use the filter setting and display custom CSS outline styles.

NoIndex, NoFollow Meta Tag Checker

This Google Chrome extension has specially created for web developers.

With NoIndex, NoFollow Meta Tag Checker, you can instruct Googlebots to index certain pages or not to index them.

In most cases this extension will only be used on development or staging websites and not on live websites

ObservePoint Tag Debugger

This tool makes it easy to analyze errors in analytics tags, variables and on-click events.

Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics and Ensighten are supported.

With this add-on you can organize and manage your analysis and marketing tags well.

The Google extension is available to everyone completely free of charge.

Out of the Box

With “Out of the Box”, slide shows, tabs and accordions can be created.

For example, you can add content to your Shopify theme.

Page Load Time 

Page Load Time measures the loading time of a certain website and then shows it to you in the toolbar.

Typically the navigation timing API is used for precise measurements.

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insight is a Chrome extension provided by Google for free.

With this Chrome extension you can determine the website speed of your site.

Since the website speed differs depending on the use, you can measure the mobile website speed between desktop and mobile view with PageSpeed.

In addition, this tool offers you suggestions for improvement to increase your website speed.

The rating is on a scale of 0 – 100, the higher the value, the better your results.

Ryte Structured Data Helper

With “Ryte Structured Data Helper”, you have a practical tool that checks the schema markup of your site quickly and clearly.

Any syntax error or missing required properties on your website will be highlighted with this tool without having to leave the main page.

Search engines love structured data on a website, and a good website architecture and structure has a great influence on your search engine ranking.

User-Agent Switcher 

Have you ever wondered how programs manage to adapt your website to any device ?

With every request to a server, the user agent is sent, which provides information about which operating system, which browser, which version and which device you are using.

It is therefore important to know how your website looks on different devices and whether it is responsive.

This is where the User- Agent Switcher add-on, which was developed by Google, comes into play.

Web Developer

Web Developer is a great tool created by Chris Pederick especially for Web Designers.

This tool belongs to one of the most extensive tool collections for designers and web developers.

But you can also turn off JavaScript, CSS, images, cookies or validate websites.

If I were to list everything that the tool can do, this list would be way too long.

If you’re a developer, it’s definitely worth taking a look at this Google Chrome extension.

Wordtracker Scout 

You can also use Wordtracker Scout as a free Chrome extension, but if you do that, unfortunately, not all features are available to you.

With this Google Chrome extension you can display keyword ideas from any page.

Once you have this list in front of you, you can select the most powerful keywords for your business to drive targeted and profitable traffic to your website.

here are three pricing packages:

Bronze – $27.00 monthly
Silver – 69.00$ monthly
Gold – 99,00$ monthly
If you are not sure if WordTracker Scout is the right tool for you, you can try the 7-day trial version.

View Rendered Source 

View Rendered Source is an important Google Chrome extension for web developers who use JavaScript frameworks like Angular, ReachtJS and Vue.js.

But SEO’s can also benefit from this extension.

Because anyone doing search engine optimization should understand how a search engine sees their page, and especially for Google’s dynamic problem avoidance.

A look at this extension can’t hurt.


What makes related videos related ?

How are videos ranked in search ?

Where do the recommended videos come from ?

What does good Youtube SEO look like ?

How does social media fit into audience development ?

For all these questions, VidIQ has the right answer for you.

VidIQ offers you metrics that go far beyond the YouTube Analytics data.

This extension offers you detailed optimization reports for each YouTube video, directly in the browser.

With this tool you can finally analyze why your competitors’ videos go viral!

You should definitely use this extension in your vlogging strategy.

4. Off-Page Extensions

Backlink Checker LRT

With the free Backlink Checker from LRT, you can perform a complete backlink check of a page in seconds fast.

You can with this Chrome extension:

  • Find broken links
  • Find DoFollow links
  • Find NoFollow Links
  • Analyze Inbound Links
  • Analyze Outbound Links

Of course you can export the whole thing as a VSV file.


To work with this Google Chrome extension, you need a BuzzStream account.

BuzzStream offers you a 14-day trial so that you can find out if it is a suitable tool for you. After the trial period you can choose between four price packages:

Starter 24$
Custom 999$

BuzzStream is a great link building tool that efficiently supports your email outreach campaigns.

The Buzzmaker for Chrome makes finding, managing and organizing email addresses much easier and faster, right from your browser.


CheckMyLinks is a great tool.

This Google Chrome extension shows you all valid links, all valid redirect links, warnings and last but not least all broken links of a website.

Detailed SEO Extension 

Detailed SEO Extension is a great extension for every SEO.

It is easy to use and you get all on-page and off-page analyses of a website for free.

From a complete summary over headings over links over images over social shares and quick links you have everything with this Google Chrome extension for free.

What I personally find great about this tool is that you can export all metrics to analyze multiple pages.

If you are looking for a free tool, you are definitely right with the Detailed SEO Chrome extension.

FindThat Lead

FindThat Lead is well suited for email outreach campaigns.

Everyone knows how hard it is to get contextual backlinks, because contacting them means you need the email address of the blogger responsible and finding that out is not easy.

FindThat Lead not only offers the possibility to find leads, it is also possible to create email outreach campaigns with FindThat Lead.

Moreover, you have a great customer service that is ready for you 24/7.

The monthly fee of this tool is $49 per month if your business is in the growth phase.

The “Start Up” option costs $150 per month.

The “Suit” category costs $399 per month.

Google Lighthouse

This open source tool from Google Lighthouse, was developed by Google for website owners to improve the performance, quality and accuracy of their web apps.

Lighthouse runs a series of tests on your site and generates a detailed report on how well your site is performing based on the data it reads.

Through the detailed report, you can make changes to your site to improve its functionality by suggesting improvements.

Hunter iO

I LOVE hunter iO.

Hunter iO is in my opinion the best Email Outreach Google Extension Tool Worldwide!

And I tell you that this is one extension you must use!

Finding email addresses for your email outreach campaign is not easy, but with hunter iO it becomes easy.

It gives you not only the email address, but also the area of responsibility of each email owner.

Link Clumb

Link Clumb is a small extension that allows you to mark multiple links in the search results and open them simultaneously in multiple tabs.

Moreover, the marked links can be saved as bookmarks or copied to the clipboard.

Link Grabber

With Link Grabber you can extract links from other websites and display them in a new tab.

You can even automatically block links from certain pages.

Link Miner

Link Miner is damn similar to CheckMyLink, you could even say they are identical twins.

This tool allows you to view all valid links as well as broken links on a website.

Link Parser

Linkparser is a tool that is used for link analysis.

Users are thus able to analyze the link structure of a website.

These link types are displayed by Linkparser:

  • Interne Links
  • Interne follow Links
  • Interne nofollow Links
  • Subdomain-Links
  • Subdomain follow Links
  • Subdomain nofollow Links
  • Externe Links
  • Externe folgen Links
  • Externe nofollow Links

Linkbird Toolbar

Connects your Contentbird instance to your browser.

You can view the following data directly in the toolbar:

  • Number of links
  • Extent of communication with the opened website
  • Number of sources from the given website
  • Checking the blacklist
  • View saved topics of the domain
  • Social metrics (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  • Notifications for newly found links or tasks that still need to be done

This extension can be used in English and German.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Getting high quality backlinks is hard, hard work, but thankfully there is a Google Chrome extension for that too.

With MajesticBacklink Analyzer you can see how many backlinks including domain and URL authority.

A side note.

A domain authority is rated in a scale from 0 – 100, the higher the value in the scale the higher is the authority of the domain or URL.

Ninja Outreach Lite 

Ninja Outreach offers many powerful features with which you can effectively deploy your email outreach campaigns.

  • Es Funktioniert auf jedem Betriebssystem 
  • Es ist völlig Kostenlos
  • Du kannst sogar auf die Pro Version upgraden 

Moreover, if you already have an account with NinjaOutreach, you can easily link the account with the Google Chrome extension.

So what can this tool do exactly, here you have a small overview of the basic functions:

  • You can find out the full name and address of the domain owner.
  • Lists all links to social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube)
  • Shows you how many followers the domain has on the social networks
  • Shows you if there are links to important resources
  • How many sponsored posts the domain has

and much more.

If you want to find out whether Email Outreach is the right tool for you and what other features it has to offer, click the button below.


NoFollow is a simple but very effective tool to find NoFollow- NoIndes- meta tags on web pages without having to search the whole source code.

You can also apply website filtering and display custom CSS outline styles.


  • Supports NoFollow, UGC and Sponsored attribute values
  • Supports search engine specific robot meta tags
  • Easy activation and deactivation on your website

Redirect Path

Redirect Path can be used to find and fix technical problems with your website.

The troubleshooting includes:

  • 500- Error
  • 301 – Redirects
  • 404 – Broken links

Because as we all know, technical errors on our website have a significant impact on our ranking factor.

The great thing about this extension is that unlike similar tools, it finds errors that are insanely hard to find.

But not only troubleshooting is in the foreground with this Chrome extension, but also giving you information like, server change data, content type and language.

Redirect Trace

Redirect Trace is a free Google Chrome extension that analyzes websites and their link redirects.

But that’s not all, the extension also shows broken links, canonical elements, meta robots and robots.txt files.

If you think this tool could be useful for you click now.


Seerobots analyzes five signals:

  1. robots.txt
  2. Meta Robots Tag 
  3. X-robots- Tag 
  4. Rel=Canonical
  5. UGC, Sponsored und NoFollow- Attributwerte


As soon as you call a URL, this Chrome extension tests whether an applicable “Allow” or “Disallow” rule exists in robots.txt.

With Seerobots, if there is a match, it will be displayed and highlighted in red, yellow and green.

Meta Robots Tag

If the search engine is signaled “index”, “noindex”, “follow” or “nofollow”, also here highlighted in color.

For rules that do not affect the search engine indexing for example “noodp” or “nosnippet” are displayed, but not as usual as a warning.

So with Seerobot, you can view all HTML meta robots tags and rules.

X- Robots- Tag

HTTP headers can be displayed immediately with this extension.


Although the Canonical tag does not have a direct effect on the indexing of your website, it can still affect how it is displayed in Search Engine Results Pages.

When the Canonical analysis is started, Seerobots includes the necessary information from the HTML as well as the HTTP header response.

UGC, Sponsored and NoFollow attribute values

Also all visible internal links that have a “nofollow”, “ugc” or “sponsored” rel- attribute value will be highlighted.

Also, with this extension you can switch between different user agents to simulate different search engines:

Googlebot news

SEO Minion

SEO Minion is a class support to manage our SEO tasks effectively.

SEO Minion can:

  • Complete on-page analysis
  • Find internal and external links (which will be shown to you via this extension)
  • Show broken links
  • Checks hreflang tags for validity
  • Allows you to preview your current SERP position (in real time)
  • Google search location simulator

SEO Minion is free of charge and is one of the best SEO Google Chrome extensions on the market

Streak CRM für Gmail 

Streak has come up with something great with this Google Chrome extension.

With Streak CRM for Gmail you can manage customers and offers easily and quickly.

What do I mean by that exactly?

With this interface you can group email addresses of customers clearly.

Add status, details and notes to each email address.

Monitor emails from team members to customers

Create and use custom templates

Schedule emails to be sent at a specific time

Email tracking so you always know if your emails have been read by your recipient.

Best of all, the free version is more than enough to get you started.

5.Ranking Check Extensions 

Alexa Traffic Rank 

Alexa Traffic Rank is the official Google Chrome extension.

To get full data from Alexa Rank you need an account.

The monthly cost at alexa.com is $149 per month, but the Chrome extension is of course provided free of charge.

With this tool, you can collect all the data without interrupting your browsing.

Alexa Traffic Rank allows you to see metrics like:

  • Determine Alexa Traffic Rank of a specific page
  • Display referral links
  • To determine the traffic of this page compared to other websites
  • How the website is found in the SERP’s
  • How the website looked in the past
  • The average load time for the specific page


With the Google Chrome extension “FatRank”, you can determine the current ranking of a certain keyword on Google and Bing on a website.


MozBar gives you instant access to all metrics of a website.

You can with this Chrome extension:

  • Create custom searches by search engine, country, region or city
  • Determine the domain authority of a website or specific URL
  • Compare link metrics with other websites
  • Filter and tag keywords
  • Determine DoFollow and NoFollow links
  • Display general attributes such as markup and HTTP status
  • Export analyzed data as CSV file

To use the Google Chrome extension MozBar, you need an existing account or create a new account with MOZ.

Page Rank Status

This Chrome extension is available to every user free of charge.

With Page Rank Status you can:

  • Show page rank
  • Show Alexa Rank
  • Show Quantcast Rank
  • Show page index
  • Show backlinks
  • Show cached pages
  • Show Facebook Likes
  • Show number of tweets
  • Show Whois
  • Show DNS
  • Show Geolocation IP information
  • Show meta data
  • Show website speed

SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch

Someone has come up with something ingenious with SEO Search by Nightwatch.

This extension allows you to check and track your search engine queries from any place on Google.

You can do this with your website or with your competitor’s website.

This way you always have your ranking for the desired keyword in view.


Shows you the dynamics on the search results of the SERPs for Google, Yahoo and Bing.

According to the motto, your website has moved up or down in the ranking or has it been able to maintain its position.

In addition, it is also displayed by how many positions, has changed compared to the previous day.

With the latest update even new installable parameters are available directly on the options page.

SERP Trends SEO 

SERP Trends SEO is a simple tool for Google Chrome that shows you the dynamics of search results on the search page.

It will show you exactly if a website has moved up or down.

Another great feature of this extension is that it shows you how much a website has lost or increased in comparison to the previous day’s search.


WooRank analyzed data includes the:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Structured data
  • Mobile suitability
  • User friendliness
  • Website technologies
  • Backlinks
  • Social Media
  • Website traffic

SEO Analysis and a review of your website are provided by WooRank for free as a Chrome extension.

But to unlock the other features this tool costs $49.00 per month, for the WooRank Pro version you pay only $149.00 per month.

WooRank also offers a 14-day trial period here.

This extension is best suited for:

  • Website owner
  • Internal Marketing Specialists
  • Freelancers
  • Sales teams
  • Developers

6. Others 

BuiltWith Technology Profiler 

  • Analytics
  • CMS System
  • Web server
  • Framework
  • Advertising
  • Analysis and tracking #JavaScript library and function
  • Mobile Data
  • Content Delivery Networks

Once you start using this software, you will quickly get all the answers to your questions in seconds.

What analytic tools does my competition use?

Which website operator is my competition using?

Does my competition use Adobe Analytics or rather Google Analytics?

Through this software you can find out all these things about your competition and much more.

All this information you get through BuiltWith Technology Profiler is insanely useful and can help you optimize your own website.

Counting Characters 

Counting Characters is simple and easy to use.

With this extension you can quickly count the number of characters in any text.

Especially for your own blog posts or advertising texts, the extension is very helpful.

Evernote Web Clipper

I’ll put it this way.

Anyone who is actively blogging cannot do without this Google Chrome Extension.

With Evernote Web Clipper you can:

  • Save articles, so you can always access the desired article again
  • Take screenshots and save them additionally
  • Add notes to an article
  • Share an article with another user

The best part is, you can use this program across devices and all data will be synced to the device!

In addition, Clippers has a powerful image editing program that is available in the extensions.

So you can easily create images for your blog post.


Evernote Web Clipper is an insanely great way to organize content.


Extensity is also a tool to keep track of your Google Chrome extensions.

You can disable your Chrome extensions with just one click and re-enable them when you need them again.

Facebook Pixel Helper 

The “Facebook Pixel Helper” is a troubleshooting tool that allows you to check your pixel implementation.

It also counts pixel events on your or your competitor’s page in the background.

If you click on the pixel result, you will even get a detailed overview of the triggered pixel on the website.

The Facebook Pixel Helper is a very important tool that you should definitely install!

Google Tag Assistant 

The Google Tag Assistant is a great troubleshooting program that is essential for the analytical evaluation of your website.

Google Tag Assistant is very important for your remarketing campaigns.

The great thing about the tools provided by Google is that when there are errors on your website, Google not only shows them to you, but also always suggests improvements to fix the error.

Search Trends

Search Trends is an extension that shows you certain search data from Google Trends in real time.

This tool has two basic advantages.

First of all, you can see the search frequency by region and secondly, you can see how relevant the topic you are searching for is.

This data can be used to predict trends.


Normally, Ghostery is used to protect your privacy on the Internet.

Recently, however, I noticed that this tool can also be used for something else, to spy on our competitors.

When you use this tool you can see what software your competitors use on their websites.


What this Google Chrome extension can do can be said in one sentence:

With gInfinity you no longer need to click on page 2 or on page 3 or on page 4, you can scroll until you reach the last page, the page will change automatically when scrolling down.

Hreflang Tag Checker 

This Google Chrome extension is offered by Adapt Worldwide and displays the language alignment of a particular website.

Moreover, Hreflang allows you to quickly change the language on the visited website to your selected language.

The architecture of a website is also checked by Hreflang.

This way, you always get a reliable impression of the status of a website and can optimize it for organic search.


With this tool you can view social signals and interaction of a website instantly with just one click.

You can use it to view metrics from:

  • Buzz
  • Facebook 
  • Google+
  • LinedIn
  • Pinterest Freigaben 
  • Tweets

for each page.

Instant Tracking Monitor for Google Analytics 

This extension was created by a web analyst for web analysts.

You can do four main things with it:

  • View instant overview of current Google Analytics tracking
  • Receive up to six notifications related to tracking errors
  • Block Analytics hits
  • Add your own tracking service to always have your data in view at the touch of a button, without having to switch tabs.

For web analysts, this is one of the best free tools on the market.

Note AnyWhere 

Note AnyWhere is a handy tool that allows you to create notes on any website.

When you visit the website where you left a note, the notes you created on that page will appear automatically.

Of course, you can also display all the websites where we have left a note, summarized in a table.

Note AnyWhere is again a great organizational tool for any blogger.#

One Click Extension Manager 

If you already have several extensions installed on Google, you know that it’s easy to lose track of the bar.

With the One Click Extension Manager, you can easily manage and organize your Google Chrome extensions.

OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer 

With the OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer, you can view files created with notations such as microdata, RDFa, JSON-LD, RDF-Turtle, RDF- XML, CSV and JSON.

What are the benefits of this extension?

With this Chrome extension, you can understand the SSEO (sematic search engine optimization).

In a nutshell:

You can start to understand what impact your code will have, or not have, on the search engine results pages!

Save to Pocket 

Save to Pocket is an ingenious tool.

How many times have you thought you’ll read the article later, save the page to your bookmark and never read it again!

Personally, this has happened to me easily about 1000 times.

With the Save To Pocket Chrome extension you can:

Save everything you are interested in (articles, pictures, videos and links)
Organize your saved content even structured by tags
Read saved articles via the extension Pocket (so you don’t have to open new tabs anymore)
Highly recommended tool, try it out!


After successful installation Scraper extends the menu of Google Chrome.

With one click you can insert all the same formatted elements of a page into a table. This tool also offers the possibility to export the table you created.

Scraper is compatible with Google Drive.

SEO Peek

Was macht SEO Peek so besonders. 

Dieses Tool ermöglicht dir die DOM von Webseiten zu prüfen. 

Wenn du dich schon mal mit der Suchmaschinen Optimierung befasst hast, weißt du wie wichtig Title- Tags, Meta- Beschreibung und Co. für die SEO einer Website sind. 

SEO Peek findet und zeigt dir all diese Kenn- Faktoren jeder beliebigen Seite an.

Shareholic for Google Chrome 

With shareholic you can share interesting articles or websites with your team.

Supported are over 200 services, such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Bit.ly
  • Goo.gl
  • Instapper
  • Digg, Google Buzz,
  • Google Reader

If you want to know which other service providers are supported, then check out Shareholic.

Table Capture 

Table Capture allows you to convert HTML tables to another format, such as:

  • Excel Tables
  • Google Tables
  • Open Office Tables

This extension can be used for analyzing your competition or picking up new ideas.


Also the extension “TagPacker” is a nice tool to manage your bookmarks.

As soon as you click on the “pack” button, you can save your bookmarks side by side.

Simple but good !

URL Shortener von timeland.com 

URL Shortener is good for shortening links to t.ly links.

Once you click on the extension icon of URL Shortener from Timeland, you can quickly and easily shorten the link, this link is then saved to the clipboard.

It is also worth mentioning that every link you create is automatically created a QR code.

Here again all the features at a glance:

  • Simple link shortening
  • Set link expiration by date or clicks
  • Add T.LY API key
  • Add Bit.ly API key
  • Use your own custom domain name with Redbrandly API
  • Automatically copy the URL to your clipboard
  • Shareable QR Code


With Wappalyzer you can find out what utilities your competitors are using.

It uncovers every content management system, e-commerce platform, Javascript framework, analytics tool and web server your competitor uses.

Maybe you can find a tool that you can implement in your strategy.

WCAG Color Contrast Checker

WCAG Color Contrast tests the color contrast between the foreground and background of the elements on your website, according to the WCAG accessibility requirements.

This add-on can simulate color blindness and evaluates the contrast of the page based on the simulation.

This way, as a developer, you can see how your page looks to color-blind users.

Quick Javascript Switcher 

Javascript can be used to execute complex program sequences within a website.

Sometimes search engines can’t read Javascript properly.

With JavaScript Switcher, you can see on your website what search engine bots can see on your page that can’t handle Javascript.

So you always know what to optimize on your website.

7. Conclusion 

There are many handy tools for Google Chrome.

I personally have exactly 6 Google Chrome extensions that I use daily.

  • Facebook Pixel Helper
  • Google Tag Assistant
  • HunterIO (I already said that I love this tool very much)
  • KeywordSurfer
  • SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch
  • VidIQ

I advise you not to install too many Chrome extensions on Google, because if you have too many extensions installed, it can happen very quickly that the loading time of your browser increases extremely.

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