5 Tools with which you can build more backlinks!

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ahrefs is a great SEO all-in-one tool that can be divided into five functions :

  1. Site Audit
  2. Site Explorer
  3. Keywords Explorer
  4. Content Explorer
  5. Rank Tracker

1. Site Audit

With Site Audit from ahrefs you can create a comprehensive website analysis.
This function crawls the entire website in real time and provides you with information about the:

  • Health Score
  • Performance
  • HTML tags
  • Social Tags
  • Content Quality
  • Localization
  • Inbound links
  • Outbound links
  • Resources
  • External URLs

With these features Ahrefs facilitates all SEO on-off-page optimizations.

2.Site Explorer

The Site Explorer is a 3:1 SEO tool that allows you to view the organic traffic, the backlink profile (with the Backlink checker ) and the paid traffic of each URL.

With the Organic Traffic research, we can look at our competitors’ keywords and determine how high the traffic of individual keywords is on their site.

The great thing about ahrefs is that they monitor over millions of keywords in over 150 countries.

3. Keywords Explorer

The Keyword Explorer from ahrefs is based on the world’s largest keyword database.

Monthly updates of the database provide us with over seven billion keywords, so that there are always enough keyword ideas.

And these keyword suggestions and keyword volumes are not only determined for Google, but also for:

  • Youtube
  • Amazon
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex
  • Baidu
  • Daum
  • Naver
  • Seznam

Of course, here also the:

  • Keyword difficulty
  • Search volume
  • Clicks
  • CPC

The whole thing is supported in over 171 countries.

4.Content Explorer

With Content Explorer you can easily browse through billions of content.

You will get the following results from ahrefs:

  • Organic traffic
  • Referring domains
  • Domain Rating
  • Traffic Value
  • Social Shares

5. Rank Tracker

With the “Rank Tracker” you can keep an eye on your SEO progress.

This is about:

  • Visibility
  • Average Ranking & Traffic
  • Positions management

All results are visually displayed in charts and graphs thanks to ahrefs.

We get a detailed insight on the following metrics:

  • Ranking progress
  • CPC
  • Presumed search volume
  • Clicks
  • Return rate

and much more.

To have your metrics always with you, you can keep up with the email notification activation about rising and falling rankings.

Check My Links is a simple, yet effective backlink tool for beginners.

This Google Chrome extension shows you all the valid and broken links on a website.

It highlights the valid links in green and the invalid ones in red.

So you can always and everywhere look for broken links for your broken link building strategy.

With the free LinkChecker you have a tool at hand that shows you within seconds, the link profile of your competitor.

You get from “Monitor Backlinks” an SEO metric of:

  • Number of backlinks
  • Unique Domains
  • Indexed URL’s
  • Citation Flow
  • Trust Flow
  • Class C IPS
  • DoFollow or NoFollow

The only shame about this tool is that the free version is limited to 3 searches per day.

To use more features you need to create an account, but Monitor Backlinks helps with that too and offers a 30-day trial period for interested parties.


Everyone who deals with SEO knows that backlinks on websites is still a big ranking factor for Google, so it’s not far-fetched to use Ubersuggest for creating your future link building strategies.

Let me give you a quick demonstration of Ubersuggest.

You can view your competitor’s link profile in just 3 steps.

Step number 1:

Enter your competitor’s domain name in the search box.

Step number 2:

Now you have an overall view of your competitor’s backlink profile.

Scroll down until you hit the “Backlinks” item.

Step number 3:

You can now filter your results into DoFollow or NoFollow links.

Analyze the backlinks and create your future link building strategy based on the profiles you have analyzed.


To achieve a good long-term position in the SERP’s, a proper backlink profile is necessary.

As a rule, a backlink has been obtained, but is not yet displayed in the many SEO analysis tools,
only days later.

With Linkstant you have the mega advantage that you can be informed immediately about every won or lost backlink.

Here are three more advantages that you have with Linkstant:

  • It can be an insane motivation to be directly informed about your gained backlinks.
  • It lets you know early on who is interested in your content. (Maybe you can integrate this into your current link building strategy.
  • You can see at a glance why this source is linking to your website and thus act faster e.g. in case of negative feedback about product or service.

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