Keyword research 2021 – The step by step guide

Keyword research is a big part of search engine optimization, because how do you know what your prospects are looking for if you haven’t done any keyword research.

Before we go straight through with the step by step guide for keyword research I would like to go through a few keyword search basics with you.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a keyword ?
  2. What is a keyword research ?
  3. Why is a keyword research so important ?
  4. Keyword research 2021 – The step by step guide
  5. The 3 best free keyword research tools on the World Wide Web
  6. Conclusion

1. What is a keyword ?

When you are looking for something specific, the first place to go is Google.

When we search for something on Google we use search term(s), this search term is also called a keyword.

This keyword we have entered into the search engine determines what is displayed to you and now we come to the most interesting – the keyword research.

2. What is a keyword research ?

In order to write suitable content for your prospects, it is necessary to do keyword research.

Because if no one searches for what you write, the best content on the web will not bring you anything and what is worse, you will not get organic traffic from the search engines to your website.

No traffic = No sales

In a keyword keyword analysis we take a closer look at the:

  • Search Volume
  • Search trend
  • Keyword competition
  • Keyword difficulty

In the next steps of our keyword research, we will analyze, compare and prioritize keyword opportunities for your website.

3. Why is a keyword research so important ?

The sad truth on the Internet is that, as you can see from the chart, over 90% of website owners have no organic traffic on their website.

And that is exactly why keyword research is so incredibly important.

Keywords are the foundation of search engine optimization.

Source: ahrefs

That’s why I want to help you with keyword analysis, so that you’re no longer one of the 90% that don’t generate organic traffic.

Now that we’ve gone through the basics of keywords, we can finally put it into practice

4. Keyword research 2021 – The step by step guide

Step number 1:

Our keyword research will be done with the keyword research tool from because:

  1. is free of charge
  2. Keyword ideas are displayed
  3. Search volume is displayed
  4. Cost Per Click will be displayed

To create our initial list, we start with a seed keyword.

For our example keyword research, I use the seed keyword “diet”.

Als aller erstes wählen wir, die Option „Neue Keywords entdecken“

Now you have to type your parent keyword into the search box, like on the picture you see in front of you on the right.

Now click on “Research

Now we have a list of over 700 keyword ideas we could use for our content, but for our example we will use the first 100 keyword ideas.

With the keyword tool, we can view our list of keyword ideas as:

  • CSV- File

export this file.

To do that, we click once in the top right corner on “CSV- Download” and save this file on our computer.

Step number 2:

In this step we will now analyze and discuss the search volume and keyword difficulty of your keyword, but before we start we will go back to our keyword ideas list and mark all keywords that contain a high search volume and have a “low” or “medium” competition green.
(From 0 – 50)

When you’re done, the whole thing should look something like the picture above this text.

Tip on the side:

Am besten ist es sogar, wenn du die Liste durch gearbeitet hast, alle Keyword die nicht diesem Schema entsprechen zu löschen

Step number 3:

With this step, we will now evaluate the keywords we prioritized by trend.

To determine the trends of a keyword we will use KWfinder.

We do this with all the keywords we have defined in our list.

Once we have done this completely, we will choose the keyword that has a rising trend.

Step number 4:

Now, in the next ten minutes, we will analyze the keywords of your competitors.

You can do this in two different ways:

  1. Google
  2. KWfinder

I will demonstrate this to you using both, then let’s start with the variation competitor analysis of your keyword using Google.

We take in our example “diet” the already filtered keyword “16 8 diet” and open Google for our competitor analysis.

Now we have a list of URL’s that rank on the top 10 results on Google with the search term “diet”.

We create a table for this as well and copy all these URL’s into a table.

We examine these 10 URL’s, so we get not only the keywords that our competitors rank in the top 10, but also get a great impression of the content that our competitor provides.

Collect keywords that you don’t have in your list yet and integrate them into the content you will create.

As you can see, keyword research is a witch’s work, with system and structure this analysis is easy to do.

5. The 3 best free keyword research tools on the World Wide Web


With KWfinder you have a great and free keyword tool at hand, which gives you all the important metrics you need in your research, like:

  • Trend volume
  • Search Volume
  • Cost Per Click
  • Pay Per Click
  • Keyword Difficulty

In addition, the free version of KWfinder gives you a detailed overview of the domains in the top ten search results.

To get more results with KWFinder, you have to upgrade your free version, but even here, in contrast to other keyword rank checkers, the prices are very manageable.

Here you have a small insight into the costs of an Ugprade with KWfinder:

Mangools Basic$29,90
Mangools Premium$39,90
Mangools Agency $79,90
Pricelist for KWfinder

Keyword Rank Checker

Keyword Rank Checker is an easy to use and fast tool.

This online software allows you to find out which URL’s rank in the top 10 in the SERP’s with the keywords you are searching for.

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a great and free Google Chrome extension for SEO’s.

With this tool, you get with each search term that you type in Google on the right side of some data that are important for keyword research, output by Keyword Surfer.

Although you do not get so much data with this Chrome extension, but the most important, such as:

  • Monthly search volume of the entered keyword
  • Keyword ideas
  • Similarity (in % )
  • Monthly search volume of keyword ideas

A tool that is definitely worth trying out!

If you want to see more helpful Google Chrome extensions for SEO’s, you can get them at, 101 SEO Google Chrome Extensions.

6. Conclusion

A well-founded keyword research is enormously important for your success in order to position yourself at the top of the search results, because the keyword research is a large part of the on-page optimization, which nahc still too many entrepreneurs disregard and then wonder why their organic traffic does not increase.

You should definitely do a research of your keywords if your long term goal is to appear on the first positions in the search results.

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