The Ultimate Link Building Strategy for Beginners!

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Link building is an off-page SEO measure.
This means that external pages refer to our website.

The goal of this measure is to generate as many “backlinks” (that’s what we call the links pointing to our website) as possible.

Backlinks are links that link to your website from other websites.


Let’s assume that you run a blog that is about “eating healthier”.

On this topic, you’ve written an amazing blog post about the 10 best recipes!

You’ve written your blog post, but you’re missing traffic to your website.

This is because your blog is not yet well-known enough on the web to generate organic traffic through the search engines.

  1. Theme of your website
  2. Awareness level of your website

The more links pointing to our domain, the more popular your website looks and this is a signal for Google to push our website to the top.

But not only the number of backlinks is relevant, but also the domain authority of the website that links to your Website.

The Ultimate Linkbuilding Strategy

The link building strategy I am talking about is called Broken Link Building.

But before we get right into the practice, I would like to briefly list the points we will all go through.
Because the broken link building strategy is not only about discovering broken links.

The Broken Link Building strategy includes a total of 5 steps:

  1. Competitor Analysis
  2. Find Broken Links
  3. Wayback machine
  4. Create Content
  5. Email outreach campaign

and we will now go through all of them step by step.

Let’s start with step number 1:

To find broken links, also known as 404 pages, we need to analyze our competitors and find their broken links.

Since I always like to work with examples, I will give you an example to clarify what I mean exactly.


Let’s say you run a website that is all about helping people who are overweight lose their excess kilos with good tips and tricks.

Then we have to look for websites where your prospects or readers are located and they are currently still with your competitors.

In order to track down our competition we need to use the keywords that are relevant to our prospect.

Now please imagine you are overweight and you are desperate to lose weight, what would be the first thing you would search for on Google ?

Let me guess, one of your first thoughts was the three questions below or not ?

“How to lose weight ?

“How do I lose weight fast” ?

“What is the best way to lose weight ?”

So what do we do now, we type this into Google ourselves and filter the first 10 search results.

<- top ten contributions

top ten contributions ->


We add these 10 websites to an Excel spreadsheet we created, so we always have our competitors at hand. (But only the main domain not the URL!)

To be able to apply our strategy and get hold of broken links we need an overview of the backlink profile of our competitors and for this we use

(If you have registered for the 7-day trial for only $7 we will now enter one domain at a time into the search box).

If we typed a domain in the search box, you will see a tab on the left.

Under Overviews we find exactly what we are looking for, the Backlinks category item.

You have the choice between:

  • New
  • Lost
  • Broken Links

We click the Broken Links category item, then exactly such a list appears with all the pages that are a 404 page.

Then, under the heading “Broken Backlinks,” we type in our keyword, which in our example is “Lose Weight.”

The great thing about ahrefs is that we can export the complete list that is displayed to us as a CSV file.

We are going to export this file now, you will see why we are doing this.


Let’s Go Back To The Future!

Step number #3 involves finding out what the content of the 404 page was.

Now the question arises here, how we find something that no longer exists ?

Very simple!

We use the Wayback Machine.

The Wayback Machine is a huge Internet archive that allows you to view web pages in their old appearance.

We will use it to display the content of the 404 page again.


After finding out what the topic was on the 404 page, we need to write a great blog post.


Now we have all the preparations in place to get to the final and most important point.

  • Your email outreach campaign.

This campaign will determine your success or failure with the Broken Link Building strategy.

But before we get into the email outreach campaign, we want to find out who is linking to the 404 page, we do that by going back to ahrefs.

  1. Copy the exact URL and enter it into the search box on ahrefs.
  2. Click on anchor texts
  3. Click on the button with the numbering

and you have the list with the referring URL’s.

Now, to get started with our email outreach campaign, we need to find out the email address of the person in charge on the website.

For this we use the free Google Chrome extension Hunter iO
(if you have read my blog post with the 101 SEO Google Chrome extensions ) this tool will look familiar to you.

We now copy one of the referring URL’s and paste it to the top of the domain bar.

Now we are on the URL that points to the broken backlink and can now use Google Chrome extension on the icon of hunter iO.

Voila we get a list with all email addresses including department area of hunter iO broadcast.

A little tip on the way, create Excel tables and paste all the obtained data into this list, this way you always keep a good overview and can recall the list at any time.


The broken link strategy is one of the most efficient and easiest way to generate high quality backlinks.

Because with this strategy not only you are helped, but also the one who refers to the broken link.

It is easier to get a backlink for a content that you have replaced and made better, instead of arbitrarily asking for a new placement of a backlink.

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